Secure-Cloud Getting Started and Seed Guide – Core OS

March 5, 2013 Guides Comments Off on Secure-Cloud Getting Started and Seed Guide – Core OS

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Secure-Cloud Getting Started and Seed Guide – Core OS

Thank you for choosing to protect your data with HEROware’s Secure-Cloud™.

The following steps will ensure you set up your initial Secure-Cloud protection correctly and prepare you to send your “Seed” drive to HEROware.

Installation and Pre-Configuration

1.To begin, please install the Secure Cloud executable and the Firefox executable. Firefox runs natively on your HERO-Defender’s Hyper-V Core, and the Secure Cloud client runs from within the Firefox browser.

2.After the installation of both products, from the command line run c:\From the task manager click on the Services tab and confirm that both SecureCloud and SecureCloud_Webserver Services are running. If one is not, then please right click and select Start

3.Next, from the command line navigate to C:\program files (x86)\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe

4.From Firefox type in the following URL: https://localhost:6061.You may be prompted to add an exception for this security.

5.Next, log into Secure-Cloud with the standard credentials: UN: admin PW: admin. Under Settings\User Management you may create a new User. Be sure to grant full access privilege. (Your username is case sensitive)


Your HERO-Defender is creating real-time VHD’s of your production servers for high availability in minutes. With the addition of Secure-Cloud you will now have a full backup, plus incremental backups of those VHD’s are both locally on your Defender and then replicated off-site to our Secure-Cloud SAS 70 Datacenter for the ultimate Data Protection Strategy.

To create this process properly, we will ask you to create two separate Secure-Cloud backup jobs. One job will remain local and the other will be for off-site to the Secure-Cloud datacenter.

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