Use Secure-Cloud in combination with the HERO-Defender local on-site High-Availability, gives you and your customers the utmost in data protection.

Automatic verification and re-verification tools ensure your backups are in a known good state when recovery is necessary.  Secure-Cloud is an automated backup that works in the background. In the event of a disaster, its flexible recov­ery options allow you to complete granular recovery of files and folders or full bare metal recovery for the HERO Secure-Cloud in a matter of minutes.

Secure-Cloud provides the following benefits:

  • Single click selection for common backups: Email, Browser Settings, My Documents, etc
  • Intuitive browser based user interface makes backups & restores easy for end users.
  • Every possible scheduling option including Continuous Data Protection.
  • Automatically detect changes in files and/or directories and backs up accordingly.
  • Mobile users’ (tablets including Ipad and laptops) data can be backed up immediately when they connect to the PC/Mac (tablets) or network.
  • Powerful reporting that encompasses configurable email reporting for Client and Server.
  • Intelli-Delta technology for Incremental backups. Backs up only changes in files and not the entire file every time.
  • Support for large file backups including ‘continue where you left off’ feature.
  • Robust data encryption with up to 448 bit Military strength protection – based on the blowfish algorithm.
  • Support for Volume Shadow Copy for backing up Open Files in Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7.
  • Replication server functionality supports replicating the backup server and easy restores in case of disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Support for backing up multiple versions of the same file with time stamps for easy restores.  Supports additional full backups.
  • Supports every form of Disk-to-Disk Data Backup, including remote data backup.
  • Local to Remote Server Data Migration (First backup taken locally, thereafter incremental backups done online)

Using Secure-Cloud, the user simply chooses the files, folders or revisions that he or she wants to retrieve by clicking on the file name. The data will then be downloaded to the user’s computer, decrypted, and then restored to their original location or another specified location on the user’s system.

In the event of a complete system failure, a full recovery of the user’s backed up data can be initiated in just minutes. The recovery procedure can be performed on any Windows based computer – not just the computer where the data was originally backed up. The user can simply download and reinstall the software, enter his or her username and password, and then enter the encryption key. Once the software installation is complete, the file catalog can be accessed (the list of all of the files backed up) which will allow the user full control to restore their data.

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