HEROware, The All-In-One HIPAA Compliant Business Continuity Solution

HEROware’s goal is to create an All-In-One HIPAA Compliant Business Continuity Solution for covered entities of all sizes. Using best of breed Hardware and Software from Double-Take, Dell, Microsoft and Intel, and world-wide USA based Technical Support, including HEROware supported Installation and Failback, the HERO-DefendeRx provides affordable data protection, ensures minimal data loss, is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and enables immediate recovery.
The HERO-DefendeRx HIPAA Compliant Business Continuity Solution provides high-availability failover of servers to ensure users remain online in case of a failure. For customer facing systems, it ensures that customer satisfaction remains high and sales are not impacted. HERO-DefendeRx lets you perform a test failover with one click. When selected from the monitor screen, the "Test Failover" function pauses all replication, starts the replica virtual machine and begins the test failover process.  After confirming failover and checking that all files and folders are replicated, the administrator can "failback" automatically by selecting “Undo Failover”. The HERO-DefendeRx HIPAA Compliant Business Continuity Solution can be configured to protect multiple production servers. Backups and Protection jobs of individual servers are independent of each other, thus allowing the failover of one or many servers while others remain replicating. The HERO-DefendeRx HIPAA Compliant Business Continuity Solution lets you backup, protect and recover any production physical or virtual machines running a Microsoft Windows Server Operating System to a HERO-DefendeRx running Microsoft Hyper-V. Data is replicated directly into the HERO-DefendeRx virtual machine's virtual disk, which means that the HERO-DefendeRx virtual machine can remain powered off until it is needed for a failover; allowing oversubscription of the virtual environment at the recovery site and eliminating licensing fees for guest operating systems and applications. HERO-Monitoring Dashboard is included with every HEROware device and provides the ability to monitor the health of the HERO-DefendeRx production servers on one screen. The screen displays red, yellow or green visual indicators of status and is updated continually based on the monitoring interval selected by the user. HERO-DefendeRx servers present in the management console are imported into the Dashboard to let you quickly and easily begin monitoring your protected servers. The Dashboard provides one-click sort and filter for monitored production servers. With HEROware, backup and disaster recovery has never been so easy and affordable.  An All-In-One HIPAA Compliant Business Continuity Solution is what the market has been asking for and HEROware has delivered.

HEROware offers a full range of HIPAA Compliant Backup Recovery solutions including:

  • HERO-DefendeRx – The All-In-One HIPAA/HITECH compliance solution for Data Protection and Data Recovery.
  • HERO-DefendeRx+ – Complete HIPAA/HITECH Compliance, Secure-Cloud, Data Server Software.
  • HEROware Secure-Cloud – Provides Business Continuity, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

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