HEROware is in the business of helping our resellers be more successful, which in turn will help us be more successful. One of the most challenging things to do in business is to sell things – your product, your services, and yourself. Those who do it well are often described as being able to “sell ice to Eskimos.” This certainly gives us the impression that the best can sell anything to anyone, whether it’s needed or not.

We, however, believe that the best sales people make an effort to understand their prospective customers, and help them buy exactly what they need for their particular situation. The best are also prepared for that moment when they have the opportunity to close the deal. Sometimes that moment happens when you least expect it – like walking into an elevator and encountering the decision-maker of a company you’re trying to sell to. That is the premise of the “elevator speech” which, if you’re prepared, can enable you to become an effective closer too.

HEROware would like to help you create your compelling elevator speech by providing you with the book Small Message, Big Impact, compliments of HEROware. Terri Sjodin is the award winning author of this amazingly easy-to-read and easy-to-understand step by step approach to how you can more effectively pitch just about anything in less than 2 minutes.

We gave the book to Michael Scharf, Co-Founder of TecBridge Advisors, who is an advisor to HEROware. He stated that,”as a commercial banker, and later a consultant and investment banker, I’ve worked with more than a thousand small and large businesses. All of them needed an elevator pitch to promote their company. Terri Sjodin has created the best road map to the effective, short pitch needed to get your message heard.”

For your FREE copy of Small Message, Big Impact, fill out the form below. Think of us when you make your first sale with your new elevator speech!

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