November Message from HEROware

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The importance of comprehensive data protection became even more serious recently with the introduction of a malicious strain of malware called CryptoLocker. Once triggered, CryptoLocker encrypts many of your files and locks them up. Currently, the only way to decrypt your files is to pay a ransom of up to $300 for a decryption key… and it doesn’t always work. If you’re unaware of this virus, I highly recommend you learn more about it at:

The onslaught of this ransomware has been a pervasive reminder of what an important job our resellers do to protect their clients, and what a huge responsibility we have to provide a comprehensive protection solution. We strongly believe local AND offsite backups are essential for recovery in a variety of scenarios (e.g. CryptoLocker), and our real-time replication with no data loss and fast failover in minutes provides the best business continuity available for SMB’s.

On a final note, we are working on opportunities that will allow us grow a bigger and more capable HEROware so we can server our Resellers and their clients even better, and help them profitably grow their businesses. We plan to share some big news on these opportunities in future communications.

Bob Erickson
President and COO, HEROware

September Message from HEROware

September 27, 2013 Leave a reply


The best companies listen to their customers. You know it; we know it. So, as the new president and (still) COO of HEROware (as you likely already know, our dear friend Rob Ryan received an offer that he couldn’t refuse), I’m very pleased to announce the formation of a “HEROware Reseller Advisory Board.”

The HEROware Reseller Advisory Board will be charged with identifying the best practices of our top resellers, and then enabling all of our resellers to leverage them. These best practices will include everything from effective selling of HEROware solutions, to installation and configuration of your client environments, and efficient monitoring and management of all of your customers’ protected devices.

Under the guidance of the advisory, board we will develop platforms to better educate our resellers, especially as to how our largest resellers have used HEROware to help drive the growth of their business. These very successful HEROware resellers often lead with HEROware solutions when meeting with a prospective client. This strategy has helped them significantly increase their close rates, and HEROware’s pricing has enabled them to boost their profits as well.

I’d also like to update you on the availability of our next product release. We are looking forward to bringing you the latest and greatest versions of our high-availability backup and disaster recovery products in October. Stay in touch with us for more information on this release and our upgrade program, as well as many other great things coming from HEROware in the next few months.

Bob Erickson
President and COO, HEROware

We Want Our Success To Be Your Success

September 24, 2013 Leave a reply

To our closest friends and partners:

Change is happening at HEROware, and change is good. We are launching a new campaign: Your success has been our success; Now, we want our success to be your success. We will share more on this topic in the weeks to come.

As many of you have heard, former HEROware President Rob Ryan has accepted a new position that will allow Rob to be successful and spend more time with his family. All of us at HEROware thank Rob for what he’s helped HEROware accomplish and wish Rob and his family the very best in his new endeavor. In the interim, COO Bob Erickson will take on the role of President and continue to build on what Rob helped create.

Now, for the good news – positive change has been happening at HEROware. Over the last 12 months under Rob and Bob’s leadership, many new policies and procedures were put into place. HEROware has increased service response time, customer satisfaction is the best we’ve ever had, and the morale of the company has never been better. The proof is in the numbers. HEROware has increased sales by 200% year-over-year. And, we know that our success is due to our VAR/MSP Partners and their hard work, for which we humbly say thank you so very much

The board of directors and management has an active search for a new President/CEO. Our list of qualifications includes strong sales marketing vision, customer support, and VAR/MSP Partner focus. The next chapter in HEROware’s story is going to be the most exciting of all.

If you need anything at all, please feel free to reach out to me personally any time.
My door is always open to help you grow your business.

Bob Erickson
President and COO

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