HEROware Customer Puts the Focus on Clients

July 1, 2013 News, Testimonial Comments Off on HEROware Customer Puts the Focus on Clients

HEROware Customer Puts the Focus on Clients

ServiCorps_LogoThe reason Lee Morgan and his business partner, Dan Gross, founded their Thousand Oaks, Calif. Company, ServiCorps Systems, Inc., in 2003 is a common one for many IT entrepreneurs: they were tired of watching internal politics tear apart good companies, leaving them jobless in the process.

“We started with a simple philosophy that matches our business name,” says Morgan. “We wanted to be the core of technology service for our clients.”

With this in mind, Morgan and Gross quickly set their sights on becoming a business known for their excellent customer service and responsiveness. He wanted his clients to see ServiCorps as a trusted advisor that puts a priority on the needs of its clients, not its own needs.

Lee and Dan decided early on to keep their company small, knowing that the larger a company is, the more chance it has to become too rigid and distant from its customers. To this day, ServiCorps only has nine employees, all of whom are well-versed in the company’s client-centered culture.

With a focus on external relationships and not internal politics, the traditional “break-fix” business model that ServiCorps started with quickly evolved to become more of a technology management service.

“We wanted to help our clients be poised for success. We decided that, in order to do this, we needed to think proactively and cost-effectively. We needed to put the same care into supporting our clients’ networks that we were using for our own,” continues Morgan.

Morgan’s desire to avoid reverting back to the old business model of waiting for something to break so he can fix it led him to start researching products he could use to keep his client’s businesses running smoothly in any circumstance. He wanted service packs on all workstations, effective virus software and a reliable backup system. Fortunately, he found HEROware.

In the last year alone, HEROware has saved his clients from losing valuable time and information at least half a dozen times. One notable example is an accounting client whose older model server crashed, right smack in the middle of peak tax season. With tax-filing customers in their office at the time and their reputation (and a great deal of money) on the line, the accounting firm was offline for less than 40 minutes while HEROware software allowed ServiCorps to recover their information. According to Morgan, if he hadn’t installed HEROware for this client right before tax season, the client could have been offline for up to a week.

ServiCorps has partnered with HEROware for more than two years, which is a true testimony to HEROware’s reputation. As Morgan says, IT service providers are bombarded with various vendors and far too many of them fail to deliver on their promises.

“We are very particular about whom we trust with our valuable client relationships,” says Morgan. “HEROware is one partner that has never let us down.”

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