Secure-Client Install

March 5, 2013 Guides Comments Off on Secure-Client Install

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Secure-Client Install

Note: These screenshots may be an older version, however setup is the same.
Step 1
Select the install file after downloading Secure-Client_4_2_0_SP_Client_Only

Step 2
You must accept the License Agreement to continue.

Step 3
NOTE: SecureCloud ID is important! This should be unique per Defender or Client.
If your cutomer’s name is “XYZ, Inc.” always use the customer’s name in the ID. Best practices would be “Defender-XYZ” or “XYZ-Jane-Desktop” – this will help identify your backup job so it’s placed in your reseller’s account.

Step 4
Select Typical install which will install SecureCloud as a service and take the default install location of C:\HEROware\Securecloud.

Step 5
Review settings and installation location. Use the Back button to edit information.

Step 6
Do not interrupt installation. Installation should only take a few minutes.

Step 7

Click Finish to finalize your installation.

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