HERO-Defender Pre-Installation Network Readiness Requirements

March 5, 2013 Guides Comments Off on HERO-Defender Pre-Installation Network Readiness Requirements

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HERO-Defender Pre-Installation Network Readiness Requirements

1. Set all production servers to static IP addresses:
* uncheck DHCP
* set a fixed IP address

2. Check WMI functionality on production servers. To do so, go to a run command and type in “msinfo32.exe” – if msinfo does not open, then your HERO-Defender will be unable to push install agents to this server and will be unable to protect this server. Your HERO-Defender is dependent on WMI, the same as “msinfo32.exe” is.

3. Confirm that all production servers are registered in Microsoft Windows DNS. HEROware is dependent on a clean DNS infrastructure.

4. From a command prompt on any machine on the network, be sure that your production server(s) can be pinged both by name and by IP address:
* (example only by name) c:\> ping “servername”
* (example only by IP) c:\> ping 192.168.10.xxx

5. These are the internal ports that need to be open (typically already open on most networks, but please double-check):
* ICMP/Echo (ping)
* UDP/TCP 53 (DNS)
* UDP/TCP 88 (Kerberos authentication)
* UDP/123 (Network Time Protocol-NTP)
* UDP/TCP 389 (LDAP Access)
* TCP 445 (Microsoft Directory Service)
* UDP/137 Permit NetBIOS Name Resolution
* UDP/138 Permit NetBIOS Datagram Service
* TCP/139 Permit NetBIOS Session Service

6. For WAN protection, these are the external ports that need to be open (your HEROware agent install will create exceptions for these ports in Windows Firewall automatically):
* 6320
* 6325
* 6330
* 6332

7. Set your production server’s NIC
NIC teaming—If you are using NIC teaming, set it up for fault tolerance, not load balancing.
Device drivers—Keep your hardware device drivers, especially NIC drivers, up-to-date.
Port speed and duplex—Set static values for port speed and duplex on NICs and switches, if possible.
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